Resaca’s New Elected Official’s




On  January 5, 2016, new council members, Todd Rutledge and Nathan Wyatt, were sworn into office for the Town of Resaca. The mayor of Resaca, Samuel Allen, was also re-elected and sworn into office. Each elected Councilman and Mayor serves a four year term. Not only did the voters of Resaca elect new officials, but they also voted to approve Sunday alcohol sales. The Sunday alcohol sales ordinance was updated at Tuesday nights meeting to include Sunday alcohol sales in Resaca.  Council meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 7 PM.  All of the residents of Resaca are encouraged to attend.





The Mayor, Samuel Allen, was re-elected as Mayor of Resaca










Todd Rutledge, was sworn into office as councilman for post 1.











Nathan Wyatt was sworn into office as councilman for post 2.