March 10, 2015



PRESENT:           Samuel Allen, Mayor

Mitch Reed, Mayor Pro Tem

Justin Barton, Councilman

Brant Talley, Councilman

Jean Makonis, Councilwoman

ALSO:                  Jenna Wright

Attorney Peter Olson – Not Present

Kelly Thurman, Ordinance Officer

Bob Peoples



Mayor Allen called the meeting of the Resaca City Council to order.


Mayor Allen asked Councilman Talley to lead the group in prayer.


Mayor Allen led the council meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag.


Councilman Talley made the motion to waive the reading of the minutes for the January 13, 2015. Councilwoman Makonis seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Councilman Talley made the motion to adopt the minutes as read. Councilwoman Makonis seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.


 Zoning Discussion

Councilman Talley suggested that we ask the county to use one of their signs to model our signs after. Mayor Pro Tem Reed will follow up with the gentleman that was going to come to the meeting tonight about adding an addition to his residence. He did not show up for the meeting tonight. Councilwoman Makonis suggested that we schedule a zoning meeting. It was decided to add it to the next date that a work session is scheduled.


 Budget Update

Budget and financial reports were reviewed. The Clerk has not received the General Fund Bank Statement and will give an updated report as soon as it is received.

Update on Agreement with Gordon County and Animal Control

Mayor Pro Tem Reed advised that he spoke with Attorney Peter Olson. He is coordinating with the county on an inter-government agreement to pick up animals in the town. He is waiting on them to set the rate on picking up stray animals. He should have it ready to look at by the next work session.

Update on Dalton Utilities Franchise –

Mayor Pro Tem Reed advised Attorney Peter Olson is working on this. He is waiting to hear back from Dalton Utilities Attorney.

Trash Service –

Clerk has included a list of the no pays as of this date. Councilman Talley stated they have had ample time to pay and we should have Mauldins begin picking up the cans. Mayor Pro Tem Reed added to have Mauldins pick up cans on Friday if they have not paid.

Sewer Project –

Bob Peoples gave update on the sewer project.

Update on Exterior Work on Ingle House –

Trees are cut. They have put a second coat of stucco on. Mike Brown is waiting on work schedule from the contractor.


Sheriff’s Report

 Deputy Jones read the report – copy attached to minutes.


Mayor Pro Tem Reed reported that he was working on signs for the railroad with the sign maker. He met and talked with North Ga Paving about some of our roads and ditches about a few issues. He advised about the problem with the narrow streets causing a problem for the trash trucks. He called Mauldins to see if they can bring the smaller truck. He also wants to see about widening a few of the streets after speaking with the property owners. The Mayor is going to follow up on the surveying. He will start with the smaller streets that are causing problems.


 Ordinance Officer Kelly Thurman gave an update on the unfit properties. He reported he has 7 new cases totaling 11 in all.


No problems


Councilman Talley gave the recreation report. Report is attached.


 Councilman Barton gave update on the dirt pile and the brush pile. They are using some of the dirt on the Ingle House project. The Mayor suggested to use some of the dirt to build up around the concrete slab where the gazebo used to be.


Mrs. Rogner commented that she has not noticed much improvement. Ordinance Officer said that the houses are the hardest part to work on, he has not been able to find home owners for some of the abandoned houses. Without speaking with someone directly, there is not a lot he can do. Randy Wheat commented on the work he is doing on his property. He said that he has been cleaning up on his property. Ordinance Officer stated that Randy has been working on his property. Mayor Pro Tem Reed added that he knew that this would be a long process and that as long as the home owners are making an attempt to clean up we have to work with them. The house on Walker Street was discussed. The town would have to put a lien on it to be able to clean it up. The attorney has sent out letters on this house but there has been no response. Mayor Pro Tem Reed suggested that we go forward on this house. Officer Thurman will contact the attorney to see what we can do to clean up and maintain this property.

Randy Wheat ask the Mayor and Council if they will sponsor the easter egg hunt again this year. It was decided to have it here at the Rec Department instead of at the Ingle House because of the renovations in progress.


 Mayor Pro Tem Reed made the motion to adjourn the council meeting.  Councilman Barton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.